How Can Archivists Describe Collections?

How Can Archivists Describe Collections?

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Anybody doing research that is archival sooner or later are using archival information. Archival descriptions are embodied with what are frequently called “finding aids.” These are the archival world’s equal to a catalogue entry in a collection catalogue.

Paper copies of choosing helps tend to be obtainable in the reading spaces of archives. Electronic variations may also be commonly available via archival databases (look at final end with this post).

Many people are acquainted with interpreting a collection catalogue entry (say in an on-line collection
database). Obtaining the many away from archival descriptions, but, requires only a little orientation that is basic. Once you understand one thing concerning the principles, terminology, and methods that archivists used to express the complexity and uniqueness of archives, you’ll be definitely better placed to obtain the material you want making use of archival information.

In this post, we’ll stroll you through an archival description by dissecting a percentage of an adapted choosing help only at the Peel Archives; however, the vocabulary and guidelines we’ll pass along will serve you well in making use of archives generally speaking.

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A collection catalogue entry isn’t the thing that is same the book it really is explaining; rather it is a synopsis of a book’s many representative features. Included in these are the book’s author, title, publisher, date of book, quantity of pages, and perhaps the written guide is illustrated.

Information such as this provides you with methods to get the guide within the place that is firstby trying to find books, state, by a specific writer); additionally helps you find out if the guide may be of good use or interesting for you. Not to mention, a collection catalogue additionally assists the collection to help keep monitoring of their guide collections. Continue reading “How Can Archivists Describe Collections?”